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Wed, Jun 23, 2021 3:13 PM

Wacom pen button lag when zooming or panning


I am a mac user that is making the transition to a windows system. I use Photoshop in combination with a Wacom Intuos tablet (I am an artist) and on my mac I use the buttons that are on the wacom pen to pan around the canvas as well as zooming in and out. Pressing this button is where the problem occurs.


When I press the pen button, initially it works as expected. I press the pen button, then press the pen on the tablet, drag around the tablet and it pans the canvas (or zooms in if I press alt). Holding the penbutton and dragging a second time after the initial drag will cause a lag of 0,5 second where nothing responds. This sounds like not a big deal, but I use this command 10000 times a day so it is a real productivity killer that will get me out of my creative flow. This used to happen on my mac as well but I found some old driver that by some fluke works without this bug (thank god!)

Important detail is that this bug is not related to the shortcut itself but purely to pressing the wacom pen button. Even if the button is assigned to 'disabled' in the wacom settings, it will still give the lag as described above even if it is not sending any shortkey information. 


I have windows ink turned on. I also use the PSUserConfig.txt file trick to make sure the WinTab drivers are being used so that pressure sensitivity is available. This problem occurs on every wacom tablet driver that I have tried (I have tried many!!) I tried to install different versions of photoshop. This problem occurs in all versions from CC2014 upward (I didn’t try CC) CS5 doesn’t have the problem, but unfortunately this version is a bit too old as it misses some useful newer features, so this is not an option to downgrade to. I spent hours and hours online and unfortunately nothing works. It is a known fact that windows, photoshop and wacom don't get along very well and many many users on forums have all kinds of different problems with photoshop and wacom. Through this post I would like to attend you to this bug. It would be very helpful if the design team could solve this bug in future releases.


Maybe more important than this bug is to solve the underlying problem that causes SO MANY users to have problems with their wacom products. This has been going on for probably a decade or so. There are so many users / artists that use Photoshop 8 hours a day for their work. For them they don’t really care about new features that are being added. For them, they hope that for the next update the bugs are being solved that prevents them from doing the most basic, foundational things reliably like panning, zooming, drawing lines withouth lag or wobble, dragging and dropping files from a browser etc.. in a RELIABLE way.

I suspect that the root of this problem is poor communication between Adobe (photoshop), Microsoft (windows ink) and Wacom. You guys have to come up with some elegant solution that ‘just works’ and is future proof, meaning that introducing new features will not break old ones. As long as communication between these parties are not being improved, this situation will not change. I hope this will reach the design team somehow and you guys will create a new update that doesnt bring new features, but fixes all these bugs (in a future proof way) so that photoshop becomes RELIABLE and ROBUST again.


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