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Mon, Feb 16, 2015 10:20 AM

Use simple Maths in numeric fields in Photoshop.

The title says it all.

Simple. Maths. In. Numeric. Fields.

Every 3D software does it, After effects does it plus many more. We should have had this years ago.

Example, I have 37 degrees rotation selected but I want to halve that:
I type 37/2 in the rotation field.

Example, I have 1326 pixels wide in image size but I want 25%.
I type 1326/4 in the field. Quicker than changing the pulldown to percentage.

Example, I create a new document at A4 but want 20 less pixels in the height.
Type 297-20 in the height field.

And so on......

Round up to the nearest integer in cases where you need deal with whole numbers (like document pixel amounts).

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