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Sat, Dec 23, 2017 11:03 PM


Unify the blur tools, make them better

The Radial Blur tool is marginally useful, and from what I can see has never changed since its introduction some 20+ years ago. We now have multiple blur tools, many of which are duplicated in the Blur Gallery.

The interface options for blurring a layer are all over the place. The Radial Blur tool is modal, so we can't select the center point. Box Blur, Gaussian Blur, and Motion Blur are non-modal, Lens Blur opens an entirely new window, and Blur / Blur More pretty much duplicate existing functionality at this point (Box Blur, which as mentioned above, is non-modal). Lens Blur is duplicated by Iris Blur, Radial (spin option) Blur is duplicated by Spin, Motion Blur is duplicated by Path Blur, and Field Blur is what...Gaussian Blur with a new name and interface?

The Blur Gallery tools seem to be far more "modern" from a usability sense in that they work well and have precise controls. Since the Radial Blur is still modal, the center point can't be selected, which is the entire point of Radial Blur. I've seen suggested workarounds like this and frankly, that process is completely asinine.

My idea: Eliminate the entire Blur menu and replace it with the Blur Gallery. Move Box Blur, Gaussian Blur, and Radial (zoom option) Blur into the Blur Gallery and simplify the codebase while improving usability.

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