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Sat, Oct 17, 2020 6:16 PM

Unexpected behavior with Photoshop exporting

I created a drawing in photoshop which used some clipping masks on a color layer. The layer directly beneath it was another alternate coloring layer that I liked to switch between (hiding one and showing the other). In Photoshop itself the clipping masks weren't visible when I hid the layer they were attached to. But when I exported the image with the alternate coloring layer active and the other coloring layer with the masks inactive, the exported image had the masks active on top of the alternate color. This created an interesting effect that I liked, but seeing as it was unexpected behavior, I thought I should report it. I would expect exporting an image to export it as I currently see it, with hidden layers hidden and visible layers visible (including the masks that the hidden layers may be attached to).


I should also note that I'm still relatively new to exporting things from Photoshop so it's possible this has always been the behavior, in which case I can just make sure I hide all of my mask layers as well when exporting.




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