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Thu, Apr 9, 2015 6:31 PM


Undo, stepping backwards and automatic layer changes

Why does stepping backwards change what layer you're working on? Say I'm editing layer 2 and then switch to layer 3. Then I make two brush strokes on layer 3, and realize I don't like them. If I "step backward" twice, I'll be back on layer 2, even though I want to be working on layer 3. At best I have to annoyingly reselect layer 3, and at worst I might accidentally do work on the wrong layer. "Undo" is useless here because it bafflingly only ping-pongs between your last change.

Why on earth would it work this way? Why, at the very least, do we not have more options for either keeping layer selection immune from any changes or adding a layer change to history, so that in my above example, I'd have to "step backward" 3 times to be back on layer 2?

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