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Wed, Jun 23, 2021 2:25 PM

Two embedded documents open next to eachother causes viewport bug


I am a mac user making the transition to a windows machine. Unfortunately i noticed that PS in general doesnt work as fluently on windows as it does on my mac. There are many issues, but for this post I will mention just this bug.

I am an artist that uses a lot of reference images. On my mac I always have two document tabs open, next to eachoter. On the right side the artwork and on the left reference images, which i can scroll through with cmd + ~. This workflow is fantastic and efficient.


Unfortunately when I try to do this on my windows version, this introduces some weird bugs that makes the whole experience inconvenient.

Once there are two documents open side by side (both embedded in photoshop window) the following bug appears.

- clicking on a layer causes the canvas to center automatically.

- zooming in or out causes the canvas to center automatically.

Needless to say this bug really breaks my workflow. Please note that the ‘overscroll’ feature is turned on (this is a very useful feature as it allows you to pan beyond the border). One would expect to be able to pan around the canvas and no matter what other actions you do, the canvas shouldn’t move by itself by other arbitrary actions. I hope that this bug will be resolved in feature updates of PS. 


I tried this on many versions from CC2014 upwards. All versions show the same bug for me. I am currently on CC2020


My workaround is to have my reference images window not embedded in the photoshop frame, but floating. This way the bug described above doesn't occur. This however is not ideal as everytime a new image / document is added to this (I have multiple images / documents as tabs within this window) the frame decides to resize which is super annoying. So this would be another thing Adobe could fix. Please add an option that prevents the window to resize whenever a document is added to a floating window!

I hope that this bug report will reach the design team somehow and that they fix this problem for future updates. Thank you!


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