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Fri, Jul 2, 2021 4:05 PM

Transform perspective layer leaves ghost.

I do a lot of compositing and trying to make a door look like it was open. I made a copy of the door on a new layer and tried Edit/Transform/Perspective. When I adjust this layer there is a "ghost" of the door that shows up. To troubleshoot I have tried hiding all other layers but the one I am working on. I've also added a blank layer underneath and painting with an obnoxious color. It stays hidden as expected. The opacity level is 100%. Searching through the KB I see this was an issue previously and the fix was Preferences >Performance and uncheck "Legacy Compositing". However when I try that I see Legacy Compositing checkbox is no longer available in the performance preferences.

Anyone else see this issue and have a work-around? Thanks!




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22 d ago

Could you please post screenshots with the pertinent Panels (Toolbar, Layers, Options Bar, …) visible?