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Tue, Nov 3, 2015 11:08 PM


Tool for creating kaleidoscope effect in real time

This would be very useful for designing geometric tattoos/designs, playing cards (you know how the royal cards are mirror but in a complex way), and various other works of art.

You would select the kaleidoscope tool (or whatever it would be called) and start out by placing your Origin. Then, you can push dials to change how many Sectors will radiate from your Origin(one sector to a billion sectors), and whether you want it to mirror every other sector or not.

The layer that you placed the Origin on doesn't have anything else on it. It only applies the effect to the layers beneath it.

Also, you can choose between two settings: if you want a certain Sector to be the repeated Sector (to be the one copied into every other sector) or if you want every Sector to be copied onto every other Sector.

For the first setting, you could start with a blank layer under the kaleidoscope layer. Then, whenever you draw within the chosen sector, the drawing is reproduced in the other sectors in real time. If you draw outside the chosen sector, no mark is visible (until you remove the kaleidoscope layer).

For the second, anything you draw anywhere on the blank layer would be copied into every other sector. Obviously, this would be pointless if you have a completely filled layer.. it would be very useful though to design geometric tattoos or playing cards where you need to make sure a line will continue seamlessly from sector to sector.

What do you think!

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