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Thu, Feb 7, 2019 2:30 PM


The shape creation problem

Hey i just wanted to say that it is so hard to create shapes in photoshop and it hasent really been adressed so much so i just came here to say that there should be a button on the side that lets you create shapes that dosent create a new weird layer where you have to fix and trix so you can create a shape that isint fully filled more or less i am really bad at explaining so just please add a tool where you can make te.x. A circle that is only a outline and dosent make a new layer


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2 years ago

Yikes! I see shapes all the time in my head when using PS. What I do is create a brush in the shape that I want; maybe having to borrow from a previous picture on file. Then that shape can be inserted where you want or as a brush used as a new tool. Good luck!

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2 years ago

Go to the top of your layers panel when you’re in the shape tool and click off the fill button and click on the outline and put in how many pixels you want it and then you’ll have a shape that has nothing inside only outline