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Sun, Nov 26, 2017 5:44 PM



The red-eye tool needs to be in Photoshop CC!

The red-eye tool needs to be re-added. Seriously. There is no good reason I can conceive of for it to not be a tool in Photoshop CC. I use a super-duper wonderful DSLR and external lights so hey, who needs it then? But that is not the entire scope of use for Photoshop. For instance, I took an iPhone photo last week and it the dreaded red-eye. I tried several creative techniques I would normally do to remove it. More work than I wanted to do on this simple 'quick' photo. And I was not so happy with the results on this particular photo. So I opened it with my CS6. There's the red-eye tool, boom -- red eyes were gone easy-peezy. This is what the general cell-phone/small camera user needs. Why is it gone now? I cannot find a reason that makes sense to me. I have to put up with video 'help' pop-ups for the tools I already know how to use (very annoying) that are obviously geared to the 'layman' who does not live in Photoshop, yet you do not offer them the red-eye tool. Inconceivable.


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3 years ago

It's still there, grouped under the Spot healing brush Shift-j.

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3 years ago

It depends on the workspace you have chosen. For Essentials (Default) it's as John says but for the Photography workspace, it is grouped under the Edit toolbar (ellipsis) button at the bottom of the toolbar.

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3 years ago

> it is grouped under the Edit toolbar (ellipsis) button at the bottom of the toolbar.>

There's no ellipsis anymore. It's now a discrete triangle on the Rectangle tool (it being the last tool before the swatch icons) in the Photography Plan. Press and hold to open the menu of missing tools. They really need to stop fooling around with this, plus I don't think any of the shipping workspaces, unless they would add one marked Advanced, should come with missing tools. It's just NOT a really popular feature and everyone thinks their tools have left them, or, if they're that new to the program, that they don't exist. <sigh>