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Tue, May 14, 2019 4:14 AM


tablet workplace

Tabs. Very often, when working with Photoshop, designers use graphic tablets. I think, everyone agrees that the way you interact with a program, via a mouse or a pen, dramatically changes user experience. And tablet users, obviously, should be able to use some rules of UI design for tablets. You can implement a lot of interesting features that are already in place in some graphic apps for iOS and Android. These features could be optional and never affect people who use only mouse. For example, tabs that hide behind buttons can’t be hidden with a single tap on the working surface? Why can’t you hide some of tabs outside of the screen and make them  dropdown. You can call it «tablet worcplace» And do not forget to make call buttons bigger. (video link:


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2 years ago

Yes the usability with tablet and pen should take example of the Uidesign to be more efficient.