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Sat, Jan 26, 2019 11:15 PM

SVG asset generator still exports strokes of paths after setting them to "none"

I think I found a bug exporting SVG images from the generator:

I have set up some layer groups, each containing some vector art.
Once I decided to get rid of some strokes of some shapes (setting them to "none" in the shape options). And in Photoshop, they also weren't shown anymore, as supposed.

But the exported SVG images still had the strokes applied!
They even changed the width when I changed the width of the unset strokes which weren't supposed to show at all.
So it looks like the "stroke is set" parameter isn't remembered for export when changed once, after the image has already been exportet.

Workaround: saving the document, closing it, and opening it again resolves the issue.

Happens in version 20.0.2


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