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Fri, Apr 12, 2019 4:05 PM

Stop messing with our workflow!!

In recent updates, you have
changed hotkeys and other workflow changes such as "CTRL + ALT + Z" and how the transform tool behaves.  These are not improvements.  They are impediments which throw a wrench in our workflow.  It feels many times, that Adobe doesn't understand their customers.  Meaning, this isn't a toy for many of us... it's one of our primary tools for our professions.  When you make changes which alter our workflow in any way, especially hotkeys or tool behaviors, it cost us time.  Which, cost us money. 

Another issue that just came up as I'm typing this; my coworker was trying to change the anchor point using the age old method of alt clicking anywhere to snap the point there... not working.  (EDIT) we figured out that it's working...just, the anchor isn't visible.  The point here... why is it necessary to "fix" something that isn't broken.


Please, stop making "improvements" to decades old workflows for the sake of "improving" things.  Leave it to the user to change their hotkeys to what they wish and do not force changes through updates.


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2 y ago

I fully support this position.  



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2 y ago

Adobe should not ever stop researching UX in order to update their ecosystem... BUT there should ALWAYS be a legacy-mode checkbox for workflow breaking changes like this. If it's been default forever, there needs to be a popup that asks "Do you want the new or old thing? The new thing is set as default, but click here to go to the legacy options menu!"