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Thu, Dec 17, 2015 9:58 PM

Standardized Timeline

Could we get a normal timeline in photoshop that looks and behaves like every other timeline in every other app? It's so confusing and irritating to have layers and timeline in a different location and not actually work the same way. Turning layers off and on over time is really counter-intuitive. It would be nice if "Timeline" meant the same thing as it did in other apps (both Adobe and non-adobe).


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5 years ago

Which specific timeline do you want it to work like?
Every other application timeline is very, very different - and Photoshop aimed to be similar to the common aspects of several video/animation applications, and it is very similar already.

Are you, perhaps, confusing the frame animation with the timeline view?

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10 months ago

Have the timeline behave and work like the Animate timeline. With individual frames, the ability to drag and copy or delete them with ease, with same kind of scrubbing and toolset, i.e. onion skinning, looping, centering. In short, take the Animate timeline and slap it on where the current (awful) PS timeline is. Bring in the same keyboard shortcuts as well, F5-insert frame, F6-keyframe, F7-blank keyframe, Shift+F5 - delete keyframe... If this were to happen, adobe will pretty much conquer traditional animation. It's sitting on an extremely powerful animation tool/program and doesn't even know it! If I could animate with all those brushes on a streamlined and proper timeline, pssshhh fogedabbadit... game over.  

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Maybe this will be of interest to you: Animator's Toolbar Pro