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Sun, Sep 8, 2019 11:02 PM

Standalone Photoshop?

I live in a rural area of Alaska. We do not have sufficient bandwidth to support subscription software packages. I am learning how to use Photoshop at my university but I need to be able to use it at home. What does Adobe do to help people in my situation? Certainly I'm not alone! I don't want Elements, either, I want to use Photoshop. Help!


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2 y ago

The software is installed and runs on your computer not over the network. There is some requirement that your subscription is verified over the internet. I don't know the time period but some else will. The hard part for you would be downloading everything. Maybe you could get to a better connection location, get everything downloaded and updated and then the subscription verifications shouldn't take much bandwidth. Hopefully, others will chime in with more ideas.

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2 y ago

Once installed, other than to install updates, there is only a mimal requirment to contact the adobe licening centre roughtly once every 30 days to validate your licence.

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2 y ago

Howdy LJ,

If you have enough connectivity to post a message like this, you'll have enough connectivity to keep your subscription verified.  As others have mentioned, you're going to want to download the apps with a good connection, but once you have them installed, the apps run locally.