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Sat, Nov 28, 2020 2:28 PM

[SOLVED] Photoshop 22.0.1 : Invisible/unusable user interface


I downloaded and installed Photoshop 22.0.1 this morning (11/28/2020). When I launch Photoshop, the user interface opens but many elements are invisible :

- the application background

- the application menus (File, Edit, etc.)

- all tabs

When I click randomly on those invisible menus/tabs, the menu/tab works.

Here are some screenshots :

1- When I launch Photoshop : you can see the application background missing (you can see my Firefox through Photoshop !...), invisible menus and invisible tabs.

2- Another screen : when I try to resize the Photoshop's window, the user interface just go crazy.

My OS is Windows 10.

This makes the application unsuable.

I disabled the GPU option in Preferences/Performance and restarted Photoshop(*) and even restarted my computer... didn't work.

(*) : as suggested on


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2 months ago

After hours I found the solution. I post here so that it may be useful to some users :

- My graphic card is AMD Radeon R5 M320.

- I updated the driver through Windows Update => didn't solved the problem (seems that Windows Update didn't get the real latest version of the driver).

- I updated the AMD software for my graphic card (downloaded on AMD's website, the soft is called "Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition"), I installed it and restarted my comp, reinstalled Photoshop (don't know if it's absolutly necessary but since I had already uninstalled it before...) => now everything works fine !

Also, it seems that for some users, it may be necessary to check if you have multiple graphic drivers enabled (for instance, AMD and Intel ones), and disable one of them as mentionned on this post :