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Mon, Sep 3, 2018 4:42 PM


"Smart-Save" feature

Hi Adobe,

Being a graphic designer and working with Photoshop day every single day, I'm starting to notice how slow saving your projects gets the more layers you create, and the more layer effects the various layers gets.

An idea is "smart-save".

Once you saved you project, Photoshop will "remember" how the various layers are positioned and so on. The key thing here, is all of the layers are "pre-saved" and Photoshop therefor only needs to save the few layers you're giving small detail fixing on.

The goal with "smart-save" is to have more time. Your save will be much faster, because it'll only need to save for example 3 out of 25 layers, instead of the whole project every single time you choose to hit that save buttom.

Best regards,
Minik Nielsen


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2 years ago

I am afraid that it would require whole new file format. Because you need to cut file on several places in the middle and move all bytes to the different possition. So your harddrive would need to rewrite most of the file anyway.

But what you can do is save big layers as linked smart object. So you have your root PSD file and a few external PSB files.