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Fri, May 17, 2013 2:04 AM

Should adobe make another photoshop like program for painters/concept artist?

I know the adobe higher ups may not even see this but I wanted to simply voice my my opinion...

Now with the new photoshop cc coming out its pretty clear that photoshop wants to stick to its roots and aim primarily at photographers(has been for awhile). Even the slogan for photoshop cc is "Photoshop everything a photographer needs". When cs5 came out and they finally introduced the mixerbrush I thought finally adobe is looking more at the painters/concept artist out there; but even that turned out to be a gimmick for photographers more so than a serious tool for painters. I mean every big block buster movie or triple A title game studio have artist like myself who have to concept the images we see and play that are most likely using photoshop... a tool that doesnt really have "us" in mind so much.

There are alternatives but they arent as stable, dont provide the same editing possibilities as photoshop, and frankly arent as common to find inhouse at studios. So I ask should we concept artist, digital painters, designers, continue to take a backseat or should adobe create a separate product for us? Photographers get lightroom and photoshop. Some of them dont even like to use photoshop for editing photos because they have lightroom or alternative software. Now to be honesty, I dont want another piece of software. I rather just stick to photoshop and get some key features that would really benefit visual artist like myself and others on our daily work. The problem is, we would most likely be waiting forever to be taken seriously as photoshop users. Photoshop does indeed have alot of amazing features but has fallen behind for awhile now in some design/painting features that are common in most art software.

I just wanted to voice that quick opinion. I know some may not agree that photoshop should focus alittle bit more on us in this industry in photoshop/alternative program but I hope you understand my view. Below is just a few things I think could make photoshop cc2 better for concept artist/painters.


1.) A real mixer brush/blending brush---
This is probably the biggest disappointment for alot of us who were expecting this tool to be our answer for blending whiling painting like a real paint brush. Nearly every other art software seems to be able to do this right to some degree but photoshop. I still dont understand why this is so difficult for the biggest art software company in the world to get correct. You ask most painters who have tried the mixerbrush and they will say they dont like it. I've given in multiple chances for but cant always end up ditching it from my pipeline. You're close adobe for your first try but needs improvement.

2.) Smooth option for brush strokes---
Not the same option we have now I mean something similar to illustrator/flash that smooths the line while you draw. This would help tremendously when doing lineart for those character ortho sheets we artist draw for your favorite game/3d movie character.

3.) Flip Canvas Non Destructively---
So many artist want this feature. You can add a checkbox to the rotate tool for fliping the image nondestructive for duel screen editing/comparing. Extremely helpful for everyone. You could even add this feature to the navigator panel.

4.) Perspective Grid Tool---
When artist have to design the areas you see in movies/games, we usually have to draw a perspective grid out first before designing.

5.) Color Coded Tool Preset/Brush Presets---
It would help to be able to assign a color to a brush or tool preset similar to how you do layers.

6.) Texture Rotate/Scale for Pattern Stamp Tool/Brush Texture ----
Please add a rotate and scale option for Pattern Stamp tool. You have it for clone tool. When doing texture work this tool is very helpful but so limited with what you can do with the texture. The same goes for the brush texture properties. You can scale but not rotate.

7.) Re-edit Your Pattern Textures---
It would be nice to be able to go back and change the textures

8.) Pyramid Stacking----
You can stack your windows in every way but 2 windows at the top, one at the bottom. Good for panoramic view at the bottom, two other images for reference at the top and vice versa like a pyramid.

9.) Replace Brush Option---
If you're someone who makes a lot of custom brushes this option would be a blessing. There are a few reason why but the most obvious is that you can edit a brush and just "replace" the same brush with new settings without having to delete the old one and make another brush. I cant tell you how many times I had to replace a brush by deleting it and then renaming it the same thing for my tool preset/brush list when I wish I could just rightclick that brush on the list and select "replace"

10.) Mirror/Reflection Drawing---
Draw on one side and it mirrors to the other. Super useful for design and something thats already tucked away in the 3d portion of photoshop. This should be brought to to the forefront.

11.) Remember Window Position---
If you have alot of documents open positioned a certain way, sometimes you want dont want to have to reopen all those documents and reposition them on your screen the next time you startup photoshop. Give the option to remember window position. Auto Recovery half way does this.

So these are just some of the personal features that I think would really benefit the working professional concept artist/painter on the daily job. Probably the top 3 are the most important but some of these should be simple to create because they already exist in other places within photoshop/other adobe products. Again I know not everyone may agree with these ideas but I thank you for hearing my opinion about what should come to photoshop cc2 for the painter/concept artist in mind.


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