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Sat, Sep 22, 2018 8:44 PM

Shortcuts don't work with another input language

i have two input languages installed: german and english and can switch between them with ALT+SHIFT in WIN10. If i have english activated no keyboard shortcut is working (tried B, X and CTRL+0). If i switch back to german they start working. Even if i open the shortcut preferences and try to set shortcuts with english as input language photoshop wont recognize any keyboard stroke.
But typing text into the text tool is working.
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2 years ago

OOhhh, another issue which learns me that the Adobe programmers don't have any idea to cope with language issues... Color labels are lost when you switch languages (Colors are stored in the database in the native language except as e.g. a number with a language depended translation table), I recently jumped into another language-related problem which I cant remember right now, and now this... Adobe, please learn your programmers decent programming...!!