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Tue, Oct 9, 2018 11:10 AM


Search bar for Tool Presets

Just a little search bar that appears at the top of the tools presets to help you find a certain brush much faster. It's great being able to categorise groups of brushes into subfolders, but once you have 300+ brushes it can still be a slog to find a particular brush. I feel that a search bar would be a simple and elegant solution to this problem I'm constantly having.

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2 years ago

I've thought about that myself, but then realized that there's no way I could remember the name of any of these brushes—I end up trying to create better sets that combine brushes from various sources and keep the number in each set low,  and relying upon the 10 Recents (which really could use being expanded to the 20 recents). 

But a lot of people don't have as many brushes as I do, and if you're using some of those 300 or so brushes often enough to remember the name-or part of the name, which is all you'd really have to recall— a search bar could be a good idea. I'll vote on that basis.

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I voted too, however that can be done by scripting.