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Wed, Dec 18, 2019 8:18 PM


Save for Web issue

When using Photoshop Save for Web (Legacy) export option, after making the settings you want in the first preview screen, and you hit Save... that takes you to the "Save Optimized As" for naming and location of the file to save I have one issue that I don't believe was in previous versions. By default the whole name of the file in the Save As line is highlighted, including the file extension, say .png Often using this process, the next step would be to add some additional characters on to the end of the file name so would hit the right arrow key. However now this takes you to the end of the .png instead of the name of the file, so its extra steps to get back to the right side of the period. Ideally, right arrow would go to the end of the file name by default OR have the file extension hidden at this step. FYI, when using the same steps in Illustrator, the file extension is not visible so the same issue doesn't exist over there. 

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