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Mon, Feb 10, 2020 8:31 PM

Save for web (cmd + opt + shift + s) copy paste text for file file name not working + BONUS


Running PS 21.0.3 and I've noticed an annoying glitch (was also in the previous version) and now it's just too time-consuming so I need to ask what am I doing wrong. But this was working fine not so long versions ago.

If I use cmd + shift + s I can paste (cmd + v) any text I want to use for a file name. Text/name from email, web, word...

If I use cmd + opt + shift + s copy-paste (cmd + v) is not working at all. This is insane 'coz working with mouse Right click + paste is... huge step back.

And another annoying thing.
When I want to save file for the first time a generic, system, automatic,... name is generated and is highlighted together with .jpg (for example). If I just use a copy-paste text for name and hit save the extension .jpg is gone.
So much working with Right mouse click that it's insane!

Restart, reset PS settings,... not working or helping. Just more lost time to set up everything back as I wanted to have.


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