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Thu, Oct 27, 2016 12:26 PM

Rounded rectangle with non-square Pixel Aspect Ratio

I am making UI graphics for a screen with non-square pixels. To be exact, the horizontal distance between pixel centers is larger than the vertical distance.

If I draw a circle in Photoshop and export to a bitmap, it ends up a bit oval on the device screen. I can fix this by setting the Pixel Aspect Ratio in Photoshop to match the screen. Shift-dragging a circle or square then does the right thing. It looks circular in Photoshop, the exported PNG looks oval on a PC, but then on the device screen it looks circular again.

But, rounded rectangles seem to ignore the aspect ratio. The rounding is skewed. Here is a screenshot with an extreme pixel aspect ratio of 2:1.


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4 years ago

Wow, great idea.