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Fri, Dec 1, 2017 8:18 AM

rotate clone source shortcut selecting all layers instead

According to the first image, I shouldn't be surprised that the rotate clone source shortcut doesn't work. Except that it always has, until now. 

What am I missing? according to the image above, the real question is "why did the shortcut below ever work?" - obviously something has changed, either my computer thinks I have a foreign keyboard, or Photoshop is sulking, or Nibiru is in retrograde. In any case, I have always used the shortcut below and it has always changed the clone source rotation angle. Now it just selects the top (or bottom) layer, including the current layer and all layers in between.


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2 years ago

That should work but you need spam the command continuosly down as only rotates a miniscule .25°. Se my post and check your clone source panel rotate value change, or else you may have a technical conflict?