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Mon, Jun 4, 2018 4:06 AM


'Repeat/Tile' checkbox for gradient settings

If we could tile gradients then we could quickly and easily create new tiling patterns on the go just by using a simple gradient preset and style setting.

For instance, If you want to use the gradient editor to make stripes, there's a preset for it, but it's limited. If you want your own gradient pattern and want to save time doubling up on stipes, the furthest you can tile it is once, mirrored.

It could work with any style of gradient, repeating the pattern in the direction of radial/linear/diamgond etc.  If 'reverse' is checked, it repeats in each opposite direction away from the centre.

It might be handy to have a 2nd grayed out option that becomes active when you select 'Repeat/Tile'; The ability to create a live, non-destructive instance of the first colour in the gradient that sits at the end of the gradient in order to blend the first with the last so that the pattern repeats seamlessly.

We'd like a setting that makes this kind of task easier and more accessible.

This checkbox with be as important as 'reverse' so, please consider placing it close by.

Because tiling things in our designs should be easy and accessible.

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