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Sat, Feb 9, 2019 7:19 AM


Recent color swatches improvement : bigger + scissors to remove + quick way to store... and sort

I LOVE recent colors, but, for some reason, they're half of the already way too small swatches.

1. If we could make them bigger. Like 3 times their actual size, It would be practical. Of course, this would go with a menu option of « small thumbnail view » regular, large, huge, huger.

2. Even have them spread on multiple rows (why not bring the small corner for that), so this recent swatches could become quickly my « to go » swatches.

Another issue I have with the recent colors is that if I eyedrop on a textured sky, I’ll have tons of variations of that blue. It makes a lot of sense in some occasions, but in others, I’d LOVE to clean that mess of « 50 shades of blue ». And I realized that there’s no way to remove a recent color, let alone « a lot of recent colors ».

3. Which led me to discover that the alt-clic in the swatches panel doesn’t bring the scissor - remove tool anymore (seems it got lost somewhere between CS6 and CC18).

And since I'm not Bob Ross, but when I'm painting, I won't go all over the place with 700 swatches, may be a dozen of useful colors. So after I've done my work, I realize that my new recent swatches would make a pretty decent basic swatches library that I’d like to keep.

4. What about a menu item that would say « add all recent colors to the swatches » ? (Replace/Add options would be nice).

And then I’d want to reorder my swatches. Say by hand. I know I can do this in the preset manager. One by one or after selecting, by group. But Photoshop can certainly HELP me.

5. I’d love to order them by Hue. And then by Luminance, and then by saturation. I’m sure it implies eyes on top of the maths, but that would be a good start.

Voilà. 5 improvements in one long feature request. Maybe it already exists as a plugin, but for painting purposes, I think it should be standard.


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