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Mon, Feb 24, 2020 2:26 PM

Questions re: transitioning to Creative Cloud from an Older Version of Photoshop

Hi there,

I have several questions due to transitioning from an old version of photoshop into Creative Cloud, in which things do not work the same as they used to work.

1. I have a template of three panels and a lettering guide for an online comic strip (on a separate layer so I can make it disappear).

When I bring up the template, and enlarge it to 22% or 33% (the sizes I like to draw in) it somehow

morphs into two different pieces and the boxes move around while the toolbar does not.

QUESTION:  Is there a way to lock them together so that they move as one?  (Which they did in the old version).

2. The LASSO is also very annoying now.  It used to be that you could lasso something and drag it someplace else

(as long as you were on the same layer).  Now sometimes it will not drag - how to make it drag?

3. Also, sometimes using the Lasso it will “Lock” two layers together.  I want to stop it from locking layers together.

4. The Transform also seems clunkier.  I can no longer enlarge something and keep it in the same proportion like I

could the old way.  How do you use Transform so that you can enlarge something and keep it the exact proportion.

5. The TEXT is causing new problems but the old version was problematic too.  It seems like

it gets “locked” and unable to change proportions without deleting the layer and starting all over again. Help?

6. The “Copy” and “Paste” work differently too.  It used to be you could “copy” something and the new copy would appear

on a new layer that you could easily drag.  Now there is a problem dragging the new thing that just got “pasted”.

7. The “HAND” graphic pops up sometimes when I’m trying to use the pen - I want to get rid of the “hand” feature, I

never use it.

8. In the  old version I could produce Vertical and Horizontal Lines that I could use the “snap” feature on and trace

straight horizontal and vertical lines.  Now I can’t make those guide lines appear.

9. If I shade something, and take my pen off the spot (using a Wacom tablet), then put the pen back down, it makes the shade darker.

In the old version I could shade something and it would stay the same color even if I lifted and put back down the

pen tip.  I want to be able to do that again.

9. Pop up videos sometimes appear when I’m trying to select a tool - how do I get rid of those?

Answers to any or a few of these questions would be so helpful!


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a year ago

Howdy Christina,

There's a LOT going on here and not all of it is crystal clear.  So let me try to start by addressing what I can.

1) I'm not quite following your description.  Can you post a screenshot?

4) Transform has changed a couple of times.  If you are running 21.1, you should see no change in behavior from versions more than about a year old.  What version of PS are you coming FROM?

5) Text, this is my specialty, doesn't get "locked."  You can always change text's appearance.  What steps are you doing?  There's been ZERO change around Type attributes for years.

6) Copy and Paste also haven't changed.  When you Paste, the object does appear on a new layer.  To move it around, switch to the Move tool (V).  Are you not seeing that?  What ARE you seeing?

7) If the Hand tool appears when you are using the Pen (or Brush or Eraser or ...) then you're probably having an issue with your keyboard or Wacom tablet.  If you add a modifier (in this case SPACE) to those tools, they're supposed to switch to the Hand tool.  If you're seeing this without SPACE being used, then you probably have an issue with your hardware or driver sending bogus input to PS.  It has happened MANY times before...

8) The Single Row and Single Column Marquee tools are both still under the Rectangular Marquee tool in the Toolbar.  Press and hold the tool to see them.

9) Pop Up Videos -- uh, where are these appearing?  Are you sure that they're videos and not just animated tooltips?  If the later is the case, they're just trying to show you how to use the tool you've moused over.

We're here to help, but I think many of the issues you're encountering aren't bugs.