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Tue, Oct 17, 2017 11:22 PM

.psd files lost chunks of image. large squares gone. showing transparency.

I've worked in photoshop since 1993 and this has never happened to me before.  Working in CS6 I had 5 photoshop files open.  all of a sudden a layered file was missing a large square in one of the layers.  Then another image missed a large chunk, then another.  Figuring it was a video card display issue, I tried printing the files, they printed as they appear on screen.  I saved, restarted, now the files are permanently that way.  large squares of the image completely gone, showing transparency where there's nothing.  I have graphics card disabled.  This is not a display issue.  The file is permanently like this.  i tried opening in other applications and even the preview icon of the file looks like this now.  What happened?  This is scaring me. 


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