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Tue, Dec 12, 2017 10:50 AM

PS CC2018 move tool. Please help.

The move tool is selecting layers instead of moving my selection. Thanks




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3 years ago

This has been answered several times in the forums:

The current default is for auto-select to be enabled.
"Do you have "Auto-Select" checked in the Move tool's option bar? If so, uncheck it."

Hope that helps!

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2 years ago

2018 Sept - suddenly, I have the same problem - the move tool auto-selects some merged layer below the active-layer-in-the-layer-panel / and/or it makes a copy of the active layer that I move -  and although I can toggle (grey-out/highlight) the automatic-select-layer-or-group box in my toolbar (the icon with the several layers and triangle), the behaviour is the same either way (as in my cursor does not change to the arrow-cross-move-tool, but remains as the double-arrow-black-white triangle cursor) -  ???   after some twelve-some years of using PS/CC this is the first time I have this trouble - What am I missing ??? 

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a year ago

I do NOT have the auto-select checked and my move tool stopped working and is moving some other layers. Where is the problem please???