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Thu, May 24, 2018 6:14 PM

PNGs become index images after latest update

Just updated and now PNGs that were grabbed from the old company website and had their transparency and were a layer and able to edit are now all showing as index images


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3 years ago

There’s nothing about the new version that changes the color depth of a file format on the fly.

PNGs can be 8-bit per channel (millions of colros) or Index Color (8-bits total, up to 256 colors) and supposrts transparency at either color depth via the single layer.

So, it can still be a PNG set to Index.

Of course, the files could aslo be mislabeled GIF files or another graphics format that also supports Index Color.

As far as being editable, a PNG at Index Color shares the same image editing limitations as a PNG at millions of colors.

You could try opening the files in an older version of Photoshop (this may require reinstalling it), but the same files should show as the same color mode.

// Warren Heaton, ACP/UGM/AEL