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Fri, Feb 16, 2018 5:41 PM

Please help!!!

I selected all of my layers in order to resize my project (I know this is probably not the way, but I did it any way!) Now, even though the layers are not all selected now I am unable to select and move individual layers.  Why oh why does Photoshop hate me so much!


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3 years ago

Sounds as though the layers are locked - you could check that

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3 years ago

When I do that, just my preference lately, I convert all those layers into a smart object. That way I know I'm not going to have an issue.... 

I don't think it matters if its locked if its in the smart object as doesn't change the individual layers but changes the whole object as if it were one item and one layer. 

I will though say it balloons your file size a lot if you're using multiple smart objects & if you're doing a lot of rendering actions, that too will increase the file size.  But that's the way I like doing it..