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Sun, Mar 5, 2017 9:02 PM



Please Adobe include a symmetry tool in Photoshop CC, Adobe Sketch and Adobe Draw!

Symmetry tools are a necessity for digital artists and designers and The fact that Photoshop, Sketch and Draw don't have this included is very frustrating and impedes workflow. Please adobe add a realtime symmetry tool to these apps. Painter, Sketchbook and Paintstorm Studio all include symmetry. Even adobe Illustrator has a symmetry tool so why neglect to add it to the powerhouse photoshop CC?


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Adobe Administrator


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3 years ago

Hi Tara and Matei!

You wanted it - you got it!

Drawing symmetry is now in the latest release of Photoshop, 19.0 (now available for download to CC subscribers).

Here's a tutorial video demonstrating its use (demo of symmetry starts at 3:57):

If you'd like to see highlights of all the new features, check out this blog:

Hannah Nicollet

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3 years ago

I would like to support the request for mirror drawing to be introduced.
I am a beginner, and I still need symetry and anti-symetry when working with the Pen tool / anchors.

It could be done around a point, a line, a shape, or an imaginary plane (where the plane can be set, for an instance, at 50 degrees to right, and 15 degrees lifted in the back). I could work with one line, and the same line could be generated by Photoshop on the oher side of the virtual plane, as if mirrored.

I would also find it very useful to move / transform a selection, or modify a smart object's anchor positions WITHOUT having the bordering and the anchors in view (because they don't let me SEE  exactly what I'm doing).

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10 months ago

Hi dear you all,

I would like to get a mirror option that automatically duplicates&mirror an existing layer (as the mirror modifier in Blender) and it would be helpfull to get a hotkey to easily activate/deactivate the symetry and (important) a way to make very clear when it is on and off (as I have to switch often, I end destoying the other side of the layer). Mirroring automatically only certain layers would be usefull -If you hire a blender user, you'll improve the software 'dramatically' : )