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Fri, May 1, 2020 5:55 PM

please add effects, smart filters, selective color, patch tool

a lot of tools are missing in the mobile version

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1 y ago

Mobile version is of necessity not going to be as complete as can work on a fully equipped PC due to limitations. Limitations of capacity,  storage, screen size and on. If one wants to do big complex professional work, one should have adequate tools including the size of the workplace.

I made a wise crack on another post on this general topic, to wit: "how many clowns really can fit into a VW?"

It's just that: if one is whittling on the back porch, one only needs a small space. Building a Boeing takes more.

It is hard for the "back pocket screen" user to understand...

I sure am seeing a lot of requests / ideas / questions that indicate (1) people, probably newbies, do not understand how powerful and large these products are and how much resource space and muscle is needed, and (2) one cannot just fire up a device and make Photoshop dance without doing considerable study to learn how to do things.

I also see a lot of people complaining about slowness. Examination of the system  usually reveals that the computer in use does not have enough RAM and often an out dated GPU; these people  ascribe slowness to a fault in Photoshop coding, whereas it is their PC that is under equipped. PCs of older generations with inadequate RAM whose owners got bullied into converting to Windows 10 WILL run, albeit with Disc-Swapping virtual memory, which is a LOT slower than installed RAM.

Using full Photoshop on a phone is akin to trying to hold an NBA tournament in an outhouse.

DISCLOSURE: I don't work here. I am a long time Photoshop user, retired after 40 years in the computer field.