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Tue, Nov 12, 2013 5:50 PM

Photoshop won't open image.

This just started happening. I'll edit 3-5 images and then it just won't upload an image. Bridge works, but then when I click to open in Photoshop, nothing happens. If I restart it, it usually doesn't fix the problem. I've restarted my computer and it will sometimes work again. I was using CS4, but decided to upgrade and use the monthly subscription, thinking that would fix it, but nope, still doing it. Can anyone help me?!


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8 y ago

We are going to need a lot more details.

What OS?
What do you mean by Upload?
Exact Steps for everything you are doing.

Have you tried reseting preferences? cmmd alt shift after launch and then OK dialog or ctrl alt shift on windows.

Are you saying Open in Photoshop from Bridge?

This problem is exactly the same in CS4 and CC?

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8 y ago

That sounds like something outside of Photoshop is causing problems (because it requires a machine reboot). Check your system utilities (antivirus, firewall, etc.).

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7 y ago

I've had the same problem. I was using PS 6, and just changed to CC. I'll edit a couple of pictures (first in Camera Raw, and then "open image" to open in PS.) After that, the picture seems to open in PS (you can see its title underneath the toolbar, but there is no image. The screen remains black. After a reboot it usually starts working correctly again, but only for a couple of edits.