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Thu, May 2, 2019 3:47 PM

Photoshop: Will not close

I was having problems opening PS, it took forever.  Now it opens within 45 seconds, however I can't close it.  

When I try to close it the spinner just keeps going and I have to go to the task manager and shut it down.  

This creates a problem because after I do that I have to reload all of my brushes and patterns. 


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2 y ago

I've noticed lately that PS is taking 1.5 - 2 minutes to close. Previously it closed in a few heartbeats. All my work is saved before I close so I don't know what's going on either. Luckily for me nothing seems to be lost or re-arranged each time. Between that, slower and slower overall performance, higher and higher memory allocation and having totally unresponsive enhance selection tool in Select and Mask, I end up really annoyed each time I use the program. Each update seems to compound all the issues.

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2 y ago

Howdy Julie,

Is this related to your problem with Brushes and Swatches and whatnot?  Because if PS is having trouble closing, then it's probably having trouble writing out the preferences file, which is what sets the location of tool presets and libraries, like brushes.  If you're having trouble at close, typically either a) you're out of scratch space (and keep in mind, this number is dynamic, cuz if you've got PS and Chrome open, we're both using space that we don't use when closed) or b) you have some process that's doing something and "stuck."  It's really starting to sound like you have a more systemic issue going on here between your OS and app(s).

Win10, right?  Have you defragged your HDD and checked its integrity?  How many browser tabs do you have open at a time?  Chrome does leak memory and more tabs leak faster (sez the guy who always has a zillion open, so I hear your pain!)...