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Tue, Nov 12, 2013 5:42 PM


Photoshop: Vector mask feathering per point

I'd like to see Photoshop start integrating some of the tools I often find in other VFX software that I find really useful. Namely improving vector masks so that feathering can be controlled on a per point basis. It would be great if the user could paint a kind of "Feather map" that allows for specific feathering and easing between points. In conjunction with this, it would be great if the user could define relationships between different vector shapes, and set up parent child relationships between points so that when one mask is altered, the other is altered with it.

MOCHA has a similar parent child point feathering system right now with their rotoscope tools, and Modo's vertex map weight system would serve as the perfect model for "feather mapping".

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