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Fri, Nov 29, 2019 12:09 AM


Photoshop: UV displacement layer

Will be nice to have a non destructive way to use tools like smudge or even cut and move on same image. A good solution for this might be a displacement blending mode that uses RG and maybe Alpha data to displace the image bellow. The workflow would work like this:
1. You create an UV layer that will generate a layer with RG channels mapped from 0,0 (top left) to 1,1 (bottom right) or you can draw it by yourself
2. Apply a distortion (or UV distortion) blending mode
3. Use any tool that distort the image or shifts/move pixels around
Photoshop will take the color information and use it based on the UV layer width/height to shift/distort the pixels bellow. Fill amount can work as a multiplier.


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