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Wed, Mar 23, 2016 12:50 PM


Photoshop: Use Apple Pencil/Ipad pro in Windows PC and Photoshop CC

I'd like to use dynamics in brushes, pencils, etc. Like pen pressure or angle, to change brush size, opacity, etc. Just like for example the wacom cintiq. When your photo that has to be retouched is on your windows (10 - 64bits) display, it will come to your IPad Pro, and you can make your retouching on the iPad, while you can see the changes on both devices and may vary the tools with help of the pressure/angle of your pencil. I know it is possible with the app astropad, but there is no support for windows yet, only ios. I've purchased dual display, with this it is possible to use iPad and pencil, like I would, only dynamics are not possible. You may build a plugin (like device preview) to make this an option to use.When we are busy yet, another idea in supplement of this is to bring properties of the tools to your ipad screen. For example a square on the ipad in where you can vary the brush size, with pinch of your fingers. and a color palette to choose the brush color with a finger touch. Also on the same screen a slider to vary the opacity. So you can change your tools while you are working with them dynamically, on the fly, live.... That would make photoshop really much more better!Thanks in forward, Ferdinand Bennink, photagrapher, at compleetinbeeld.nl, the netherlands.


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4 y ago

New iPad Pro 10.5 and photoshop not compatible. Sad. Get off your butt adobe!!!