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Wed, Dec 18, 2019 8:34 PM

Photoshop: Undo during Free Transform

I guess that in previous versions of Photoshop, there wasn't an undo to an adjustment while using the Free Transform tool. Can't recall it ever being a frustration in the past but over the last month I've had several instances where I was using Free Transform, I had the cursor hovering over the corner handle, could see the correct cursor icon and then when I went to scale I got a skew (or possibly distort) result, since CMD Z doesn't do anything, the only action was to cancel out completely or apply the changes and then CMD Z. And since I was using Free Transform and stringing several adjustments at once it was something that stood out to me as a new issue. Now the issue of Free Transform being buggy MAY have been fixed because as I'm typing this I can't get the issue to replicate but still got me thinking that having history/save states during Free Transform could be a useful feature.

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I could use that, too. With or without FT being a bit buggy.<g>