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Mon, Dec 17, 2018 5:58 AM

Photoshop Type tool is typing the RTL (Dhivehi) reverse in Unicode fonts

I have updated my Photoshop to Adobe Photoshop Version (2019): 20.0.1 and I am facing the following issue which I never faced before in Photoshop version 2018.


Problem is with Type tool


When I type using Dhivehi language of windows with Unicode dhivehi fonts (such as Mv Eemaan XP, MV Iyyu Formal etc.) in new version it types reverse in Middle eastern and South Asian layout. Previously with these settings it types correctly. Now after the new version it types totally opposite. For Example: If I write "Apple" it will type "elppA".  Below are some screenshots of the error.


Below are the Character and Paragraph settings which I am using to type the word and how it is typed with this version.


Below is how it should be with the same settings above.

It should write RTL .


I have tried all the possible ways to fix it, by resetting Photoshop, resetting type tool character and paragraph and restarting photoshop. If I use the previous version this is fine. If I try to edit a file I have made previously with previous version and if I go to edit the text, same problem happens. 


Please help me to fix it. 


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2 years ago

Howdy Ajnaadh,

Check out my videos on the topic: and .  If you continue to have problems, ping me here and I can do a web-hosted screenshare and walk you through it.