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Wed, Jul 8, 2015 4:10 AM


PHOTOSHOP - Transform / Scale - Maintain Aspect Ratio default

Please allow us to keep our preference on this. It gets really, really, really old having to select the tiny little link button every single time. Maintaining proportions of an image should be the default anyway.

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5 years ago

While the control might be made sticky, many people are transforming things and do not want to maintain the aspect ratio (slightly more than do want to maintain it).

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5 years ago

Well, I'm placing Illustrator art into Photoshop, and it MUST maintain aspect ratio, so I've clicked that checkbox dozens of times today! I would pay anyone a good bit of money if they'd make a plugin just to maintain aspect ratios when scaling. I can't wait for Adobe to see how elementary this request is and please, please, please implement this in the next update. Is it difficult to change this? Please just make it sticky!!! It's especially frustrating when working on a large monitor, which I am. Who do I have to bribe?

I can't imagine that more designers want to distort images than do not, as we work with logos, product images, etc that cannot be distorted.

It would make everyone happy if it were simply made sticky.