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Mon, Feb 26, 2018 6:38 PM

Photoshop Transform Perspective issue

In Photoshop (I am using CC2018 v19.1.1. r254) the transform Perspective  function is curving straight lines when the transform is extreme

To reproduce - draw a square with two additional straight lines across each diagonal

Use transform warp and bring in the top corners

After a point the diagonal lines start to curve

The same happens with Transform Path Perspective

As a workaround Perspective warp can be used (it does not suffer this issue)



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3 years ago

I can reproduce this.



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3 years ago

That's funny. Looks like the threshold is 23.5° for a square.

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2 years ago

I use normal Transform for most of my transforms, but sometimes I run up against this weird issue, so I switch over to Perspective Transform. It's much more fiddly and can be frustrating but at least it doesn't warp. I'd never use Perspective Transform if normal Transform didn't go wonky at extremes.