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Thu, Apr 16, 2020 3:00 PM


Photoshop - Transform layer based on layer mask handles instead of layer handles - prevents need for nested smart objects in product mocks

Transform masked, linked objects based on mask handles instead of layer handles. 

Example given: You want to mock up a business card head on, a bus in perspective and a binder, all on one page (like a brochure), without having multiple working files.

1 working file > 1 exported file > 1 mockup file with 3 of the same linked files

In the working file you can see all 3 art setups at once.

You export from the working file a flat jpg, duplicate the layer twice to get 3 layers and mask off each piece of artwork and transform each layer, using the layer mask handles instead of the layer handles, to create 3 mockups from 1 linked file.

You then use this mockup to produce a great number of automated mockups. 

This circumvents the need to convert these masked linked files to smart objects, which is the only way to transform by each artwork setup's bounds, instead of the entire layer bound. 

This also reduces time and server labor when batch processing, since a script or action would have to dive into a smart object, update objects, save & close for each piece of art, before proceeding to the next set. 

This would also allow for complicated working files where, if you're mocking up 30+ products for 1,000+ asset sets and reappropriating assets for those products - designers could get a top-down, agile view of the entire spread, granting better evaluation of the spread's cohesiveness. This applies to product mockups, ad creation and much more, without using generator or photoshop scripts which are path dependent and not suitable for a dynamic path depth. 


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