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Wed, May 6, 2020 8:45 AM

Photoshop: Touch screen timeline playback

When I was using my Surface Pro 5 device in tablet-mode, with no physical keyboard connected - only the touch screen and pen as input - after producing a quick animation, and pressing the "Play" button to play the animation and see how it flows, I am unable to "stop" it again. Being a smaller animation I set it to "Loop Playback" and I thus weren't able to stop the playback at all. No button in the whole application didn't react to touch, though I could leave the windows and come back to it still running.

The solution was that I had to connect the physical keyboard, so that I could the mouse-pad and click on the "Stop" button, which stopped it like nothing had happened. So it looks like it's not lagging or being slow, but it simply doesn't listen to the touch input while playback is being played.

A mouse connected to the computer could be a solution to the problem too, so that I won't have to flip the tablet around and attach the keyboard, but I believe this is a bug that can be fixed.


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1 y ago

One would think that this is not something that affects very many people and is likely to be unworthy of the expenditure of $$$ required to change... I suspect it is of interest to few professionals... Back when we still had access to removal of batteries we could do that to stop a runaway program.  Doing Ctrl Alt  Del MIGHT give you a chance to shut down Windows. Too, if the Power Settings were still at Microsoft default you would not be able to shut down by closing the lid or pushing the power button (Windows has those actions defaulted to "Sleep" mode!) 

Another thing would be to get into Task Manager in Windows and stop Photoshop. This does not sound like a problem for Adobe to solve!

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1 y ago

Hmm. I have a Surface Pro 4 but reproduce using either my finger or pen. Let me see anyone has 5 or different surface they can reproduce with.