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Thu, Jan 14, 2016 5:38 PM


PHOTOSHOP - The Auto-selection of Move tool or Cmd Key (Cmd-Alt-Ctrl with mouse click) should not select adjustment layers

The layer auto-selection mode with Cmd key* should not react on adjustment layers or any masks of non-pixel-layers.
It makes absolutely no sense. I need always to switch off all curves and other adjustment layers to be able to work with that auto-selection-mode.
A curve is always intended for the whole document space. Otherwise it is anyway linked to a pixel layer!

Adjustment layers have no pixels, you can never see where the end or start on the canvas and are never ever an element you want to move blindly.
Tell me a single situation, when you want to auto-select an adjustment curve in a document (especially one with many layers).
And there is no other logic behind, because white parts of the masks of adjustment layers do not have influence. So it is totally randomly and nonsense.

99,99% of all layers you want to move for compositing have pixels! And otherwise adjustment layers were linked (connected) to the pixel layers.
At least: why not give the same possibility like the stamp, where the user can decide, whether adjustment layers have influence??
The sad thing is, the tool worked fine some years ago and was messed up then.

It is sometimes even not good that layers in a layer mode were selcted: It depends if they are just for an effect such as lens flare (then you don't want select the lensflare always) or normally visible layers. This would be the next level of improvement: The user can decide, if layers in any other layer mode than "normal" were selected.

* [and same with the move tool auto-selection, wich I never need, because I'm always using Cmd]

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5 years ago

Great, nothing more to say... The move tool is essential for compositing. Nobody moves curves and other global look layers during a compositing process. Indeed you've to turn them off of first and on again to see the full result...! it's really annoying ;-/