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Mon, Dec 18, 2017 4:19 PM

Photoshop Text Size/Color Resize

Since the latest Photoshop CC update I'm unable to see any "live" changes to text size and color when modifying anything I always have to click Enter which then prompts the changes to show. But it makes increasing text to try to fit into a specific design a pain since I have to constantly click ENTER to view any changes... Has anyone else experienced this problem and have a solution??  (I've uninstalled Photoshop and reinstalled but same problem persists)

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Photoshop CC 19.0.1: Text Size Scubby Slider and Up Down Arrow no longer gives live updates


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4 y ago

I noticed same problem. This question is probably for David Mohr. He knows everything about fonts in PS.
There was addition of dynamic fonts in last version. So I think it is somehow related.