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Fri, May 25, 2012 7:59 AM

Photoshop: Text Layers - set font size problem (CS6)

In photoshop CS6, if you create, for example, three text layers and all of them have, let`s say 12px and then you pick one of them and increase the size of it with transform tool (I reapeat, not by adjusting value in the Character box, but by ctrl+T, transform tool) the new size of this layer will be, for instance, 15.22 px.
Now, if you select all three layers and you want to readjust their size from the Character box by 14px, they don`t resize properly, I mean not all three fonts will have 14px in the end.


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9 y ago

Ditto, you used to be able to link layers and then hold the shift key and adjust font size regardless of transforms and i think even in CS 5 the shift key linking may not have even been necessary, but i do not recall.

This behaviour seems to be quirky if not disabled? Could certainly be a bug.

I am on Win 7 x64 - 64 bit version of PS; plenty of PC specs (16 gbs fast i 7 ssd etc)

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8 y ago

I have this problem too, and also transforming any singlke layer using Transform tool. They are aware of problem and will fix, but WHEN.

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8 y ago

Any updates Adobe?

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We are considering this for a future version of Photoshop.