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Wed, May 20, 2020 4:34 PM

Photoshop: Surface Pen Side Button Right-Click Error/Bug

There seems to be a bug when using the surface pen in CC Photoshop (this does not happen in any of the other CC Adobe apps that I have tried). I have gone into the Pen and Touch setting in the Windows 10 Control Panel - disabled both "use the pen button as a right-click equivalent" and "enable press and hold for right-clicking". This has, expectedly, disabled right-clicking with the pen everywhere, every app, etc.

 Except for Photoshop... While the "press and hold" right-click is disabled, Photoshop still registers a right-click if I press the side button and tap the canvas (it opens the brush selection dialogue just like any other right-click). This makes no sense since I disabled "use the pen button as a right-click equivalent" in the system settings of windows and this does not happen anywhere else/any other app on my computer - there should be no scenario where the pen registers as a right-click.

This is particularly frustrating if I reprogram the side button as a shortcut like "Alt" to quickly use the color picker - then when I press the button and click the canvas, photoshop thinks I am pressing "alt + right-click" (wrong) instead of "Alt + Left-Click" (correct). It seems to me that when then side button is pressed the click behavior changes from Left-Click to Right-Click - there is no setting (that I have found) to change/disable this in photoshop, and since I already did everything I can to disable right-clicks in windows, I am at my wit's end.   


Addition: This also seems to happen in Google Chrome


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1 y ago

the same is happening to me! any solution? thanks