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Sat, Aug 11, 2018 10:34 AM


Photoshop: support for 3dconnexion 3D mouse devices

Please add full support for 3dconnexion's 3D mice. For everyone doing 3D work in other software packages a 3D mouse is like the painter's drawing tablet, texture artists, CAD workers and painters also hugely benefit from 3D mice to boasts productivity and it's such a shame Photoshop does not take advantage of this. 

Use cases
The 3D mouse cap can be programmed to fully navigate 2D and 3D space, rotate the canvas, zoom and pan. User customisation of the buttons should include being able to scroll through a timeline (animation), scroll through layers, move layers up or down, change brush size/ hardness/ opacity. It could even be used to move in the colour picker range to change colours on the fly. All while using the other hand to draw at the same time.

The buttons of such devices already include modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt, etc.), view buttons could be set to ctrl+0 (zoom to fit to screen), whereas radial menus add all kinds of functionality. Adjustments, adjustment layers, tools, filters and so on as radial menu basically allow the user to access all important functions in Photoshop without having to result to the keyboard. Overall these devices help alleviate RSI, whilst being able to work faster AND do things you wouldn't be able to do with only a keyboard and mouse/ drawing tablet. 

Think about the touch ring on Wacom products that can only do rotational movement along one axis, now 3D mice do this with 6 types of movements!


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7 months ago

Is there an update?