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Fri, Sep 7, 2018 6:25 AM

Photoshop: Strange behaviour when uses blending modes with some options

Approximately the same question was raised in some forums in particular and on this. But I extended the question to the point that it was necessary to give him a concrete answer.

enter image description here

Look at the picture, each layer has the same blending mode. Each layer is created in different ways. The first 2 layers are not ordinary (you can not draw on them). But you can notice that when they are superimposed on the underlying picture, the effect is the same. We go further 3rd layer the most ordinary and if someone did any special effects with flashes, he would not use the 2 previous methods. However, you can see that the effect of applying a normal layer on the underlying image is different, although the blending mode in these three cases is the same. Go ahead. Let's take a look at the last 2 layers. The 4th layer is the same as the previous layer, but the transparency shape layers check box is off, but due to its shutdown, the usual layer was superimposed on the underlying image as the 2 first layers. And the last layer, too, is normal. In it, the tick transparency shape layers is enabled. But the picture is drawn with the help of the layer property - gradient fill with blending mode as well as all previous layers.

I told you how each layer was created, and now I want to ask a question. Of all the layers, the 3rd layer correctly affects the bottom layer (in terms of the color dodge mode algorithm). The other layers do not affect the color dodge algorithm. I suspect that the formula for the color dodge algorithm changes and it involves another variable called opacity. But unfortunately I could not find not the formula not explaining why the blending effect becomes different.

If the question is not too clear, here is its brief excerpt: Why the 3rd layer does not work like the rest with the same blending mode

P.S I left my PSD file here for deep understanding my question if my words not enough for it.


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